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 Post subject: Stinkpalm reporting for duty.
PostPosted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 19:59 

Joined: Thu Feb 24, 2011 19:41
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Character Name: StinkPalm
Class: Paladin
Race: Human
Level: 85
Played time on this character: 8days
Notable Gear: working on it ;)
Raiding Talent Build: No raid exp of new content.
Reasons/explanation of your talent build: Learning (all the time)
Explain your raiding Experience: All TBC / Some Wrath.
What other characters do you have, and give their names please: None

Country: England
Age: 26
Tell us about yourself:
Well. not much to tell really. All of my time is split between Work, WoW, and the wife. first work, then wow, then the wife. I work shift work 6am-2pm one week then 2pm-10pm the other which makes raiding a problem on the late week. I understand thats not desirable for most raiding guilds but thought I would put an application in on the off chance :)

This is a NEW char as you can tell from the play time. I come back to wow about 1 month ago after about 2 years away from it. stopped playing due to work and other commitments but finally have free time again and started a new account as my old one was giving away to a friend. old char was a Tankadin so only seemed right to roll another (as there awesome).

Still getting used to the new 85 set ups as the cap was only 80 when I left. am happy to take a spot just as a Non-Raider. gearing up as much as I can atm.

Basically I am looking for a Friendly Social and experienced guild to join.

Previous guild(s): Some random cash farming guilds. none worth saying.
Reason why you left your last guild(s): looking for a well formed and team based guild
Reason why you wish to join Omnia: someone pm'd me your name so I come to the website and checked you out :)
Player sponsor in Omnia (if applicable): None

Thank you for taking your time to read my application. I understand my working hours are a problem but look forward to hearing from you anyway.


p.s i have vent + mic ;)


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